30 September, 2011

Coffee Day

A popular song lines goes like, 'Wake me up when September ends!' and I always pondered upon the line. I realize on the last day of the Haiku Height Challenge so let me announce that I just woke up into a 'new world of words'.

The credit goes to dearest buddy Leo, who is a profound blogger with a blog 'I rhyme without reason'. He has been always so inspiring, supporting and generous enough to teach me the true essence of prose and haiku combination. Just in case if you are (Leo) reading dare you laugh on lines above...Since I mean it all. I'm extremely proud of you and feel blessed to cherish a blogger-bond with you..perhaps you should know by now ;) Indeed, YOU and your prose are the only reason for me to try my hand in writing Haiku :))

Mirror of mind meet,
Slight smile behind coffee cup,
Stir beautiful mess!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 30 - Prompt #88 - Poet's choice - Mirror

Definitely sipping coffee is an experience and perhaps I share a beautiful bond with my strong aromatic coffee! Read more post on coffee 'White Cup of Coffee' and 'Gulp of joy of Hook to Habitate'


  1. I like the last line!

    Happy last day!

  2. this is cute...stir beautiful mess...

  3. i am sure Leo would be proud of you, his effort has not gone waste :) good one!

  4. Good one!! Thanks for all the support.. Best is yet to be! God bless! And to tell you, for me too it was Leo who taught me writing haiku.. he is a blessing for us here in this space.. well you too write and think well...keep it up..

  5. you have described what we all think and don't know to write, well said :)

  6. I'll bet you smile even more when you drink the contents of the cup! :-)

    This poet’s choice here and here

  7. So sweet Rachana.. Leo inspired me to write Haiku and I am glad you are also in the same list.. Hmm.. Enjoy :-) Happy Weekend..

    Someone is Special

  8. You have grown a lot as a poet and a writer since I last read you. And while I think there is almost always someone who is an inspiration and encouragement for you, in the end the only person responsible for the thoughts expressed and the feelings shown, the only creator is you. The true essence of poetry lies within your soul. It's just that not many people can really feel it, and even less have the ability to express it.

  9. Beautiful lines....its short and sweet, i think u should keep posting. I would love to read your next blog. Thanks for the post.


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