21 October, 2012

Finally Found You - Part 1

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
LLife takes up a whole one large circle and I’m back to my past, my memories, my moments, and my entire so called first times framed flashes. Life have been like soaring at the shining stars in the dark night, floating into the clouds, sailing into the deep blue ocean creating small endless round, around the situations with clueless circumstances. And surprise-surprise one day I received an invitation to attend a get-together party of the college mates.

Now this is really funny, for years after been passed out we have not met or much talked, yet we plan to have a get-together. Being a bit of hopeful by nature I thought it was a good chance for a change and revive old bonding. When I wondered about the old good times, thought of people I spend my couple of years together, I was getting excited thinking that we all have grown up, turned matured, work hard and now, it was definitely time to party hard together. After all we were there and have lived some very enduring experiences. Although in the rush of life, we tend to forget or in the modern term ‘we move on’, yet in our heart we all know the best time spent in life, is in the college and despite of all the silly situations or some major differences, we still care and are concern about each other in certain way.

The party is tomorrow! And today’s night is truly long.
Though not with everyone but with few of my close buddies I was in touch, so I assume tomorrow shall be a nice day. Taking a long breath and making sure I need not think much yet should have a good sleep. Yes! There is something I don’t want to further discuss, it’s been a long time, believes, ideas and things in broad-spectrum have changed or must have changed a lot in due course of time.
I was not the same anymore.
I live in the small terraced house, life is good from top. I have been staying alone ever since I started doing job. My home has minimal furniture yet enough to make life as comfortable as possible. I have no hesitation to say that at times I like being a couch-potato watching television yet there are times I don’t mind having few sociable drinks or seek other entertainment. Most of time eat outside; sometimes cook, though a good cook but cooking for thyself alone is quite boring. I work really hard and spend hours in office. Since living away from your family/friends, I watch television a lot during weekends. Being busy yet not doing anything in particulars during the weekends is what have been my lifestyle past few years. Or may be in much productive manner I would say that I have found my fulfillment in my work. By the way I have not been to my hometown past two years. Yes, at times I do feel home-sick but staying alone and being a self-decision maker is better than anything. Also to have heard so much, so many times, things like to get married soon, to settle down are a bit tiring to me. I think when things have to happen it will and there is nothing to hurry about.
So finally, after getting a bit drowsy, I take a nap.

In the morning, having my green tea and feeling a bit curious about this whole situation over a weekend. My friend calls me and reminds me to come in the party. I wonder with the cup in my hand, ‘do I really have to go or need to go?’ I don’t think so. But what’s the big deal, I should only to have good time with people, actually they are still my friends, I guess!

I reached almost right time in the party, which is itself rocking in full-swing.
It was so good to feel that some came from really far away and I truly appreciate the fact that they tired despite of such a busy life. People were smiling, some faces looked familiar and some faces were truly happy to see me. I’m really not a very party type of person. I knew we were here together after a long time for a while and so I didn't mind having few drinks. I took some drink and started hugging, some of my close friends to have met after real long time.

Laughing, making fun, pulling legs, giggling, everything was so good around.
I felt so glad to have come since the vibe of the party was great. Suddenly, I realized life was so lifeless without them. After all friends are friends, who knows you for ages and knew you well ever since you were young. We had so many past stories to share and talk about. This fact even took me for a surprise for a while that I had so much to say, share, cherish and celebrate collectively. Never thought life was so beautiful with friends.
Music of the party was good which kept the aura serene.

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  1. As the party getting mature my excitement is rising.. well written first part.. share 2nd part soon :)

  2. Ah.. Good to know about the character.. particularly the initial set up about the character is too good.. Love cooking but bored, Mmm.. On to next part.. :)

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