28 July, 2010

I will Hope and Dream - Journey of Joy

He said, “Hope and dreams are incentives of life”…and those little words just echoed my life!

How beautiful was it seeing that these little words, “Hope and Dream” are so much interlinked and liberating! I hoped to happen and dreamt to dare!
I silently prayed, wished and expected someday my aspirations shall come true. I had no perfect sketched picture to view but I knew, “if I hope, I already have”! And I kept that high spirit.
Hope and dream have been ever since the beginning. It brought change, a beautiful magic with it. A series of miracles and high drive in imagination in the group of thoughts! While I was dreaming, I was discovering me in every aspect. The varied options I had and ability to cope and overcome all the hurdles. The defeat and disappointments were not the end but the new fresh beginning, it was understood only then. It was hope and dream in combo that motivated me every stage.

A power of dreaming came with an ability to view what we liked and hope it to happen, the change as we loved it. We worked hard...focused and with the dedicated sincere step by step we reached our goal, our target, and our dream!
To dream has been an act of being fearless and is infinite!
A dream supported with a pat of hope, an optimistic belief of gesture.

But many times you come to a juncture of life when you feel you dream hopelessly like a loser. Perhaps, you might have! But great thing would be if you move with the aspiration and turn the tables round, you will see that a loser was being just so temporary stage of life. It was the dreams and hope that actually sailed you safely away from the thunderous fall every time. It gave you a reason to smile and a reason to firm up your beliefs. Every challenge in your life helps you to grow. It is the hope and dreams that gave you a chance of change for better a choice to make and create a motivation to value the worthy thoughts and ideas you got. Perhaps, it was not at all about only you what you got…it was about what you got and could contribute to the well-being of others…directly or indirectly.

A man perhaps by profession a doctor had a dream to owe a big hospital for the Cancer patients. Though, the dream was his, his dream could serve many-many longing families of the Cancer patients with better facilities and medicine. Perhaps, he hoped for the best and dreamt indirectly for everyone.

Never give up when you still have something to give…hope and continue to dream. Do not dismiss your dreams…and lead a fearless life to expect the change and a chance in sight.

Only hope can heal the pain and the haunting moments. When you are hurting, your strength shines through the hope and dreams! Such is the power of hope and dream. Even if you think you are getting selfish, it will still serve and sparkle for all and sundry.

Hope is the outcome of self-confidence, circumstantial benefits, and courage to conquer whatever you choose. Dreams are not your self-seeking wants, they are just beautiful norms that’s brings a genuine smile on your face and on other’s too if shared. We cannot control any of them but strive and thrive to optimistic lane.
_Life is not a race;
_Life is a sweet journey of joy to be savor and cared with hope and dreams the purpose of life..!
I learned something valuable from every trip and every turn I made, I’m no more afraid to make mistakes.
I learn from the choice picked and chances created in life..!
I don’t hold back but hope, Dare to dream and don’t doubt your beliefs!

We all will not live forever..
We will not last eternal..
What we create, paint, dance, say words..
Perhaps will share our dreams..
And hope till the last breath..
And it will be THE WILL behind the hope and dreams that will last forever!

~ Perhaps well said… “Hope is a waking dream. (Aristotle)”


and Dreams
the incentives of Life..
THE JULY month been really a satisfying month/time-era for me and for my blog ‘Humming Today’.
Beginning of Monsoon, I painted the whole world and my blog into red. Created and scripted almost three love stories. Two were quite short read yet other was in full-fledged ‘Series of love in 5parts’ for ‘I don’t hate Love Story!
I sure got good response and there was a sudden uplift and enrichment in my thoughts painting the same in the post-painting. Sure a soul-stirring experience.

  • OMG...my first interview published in the website ‘WeBlog
Sure very humble and so much touched with the so much of love and blessing pouring in!!
  • Celebrated Paa's Birthday, at home away from home!
  • Celebrated +1095 daysAnd many more delightful days enjoying the companionship with hubby!
  • Celebrating much more…
‘I wrote my second guest post’ _I will Hope and Dream for adorable Bill’s inspiring blog ‘Journey to Joy’. This topic came very naturally to me, and yeah when actually I hoped and dreamt, I actually conceptualized it in my real life too…and wish the same spirit to YOU in everyway you wish,hope,dream and believe in...
~Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Well said Rachana, The Creator..
    Hope and dreams are incentives of life. Lovely thoughts and you admire many as I am one of those in that list.

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  2. Thanks for being a guest blogger & for the beautiful piece you wrote. I appreciate reading your thoughts & look forward to more wonderful blogs in the future.



  3. when i'm click your title on the post, no going wheres? what's that purposely?
    nice blog nice to meet you ^^


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