28 November, 2009

a dash of madness in ME

I’ve a dash of madness!
Yeah, I do...this trait of mine with trace of madness in me  takes me every time to a very different yet special world!
Where there is romantic tales and robust poems surrounding the aura and colors of the painting swinging to and fro recreating the melody in the passion!
 Wow...I enjoy crossing bridges in my imagination…perhaps slide-glide possibly through the crazy zeal.

~Abstract Painting © Nikita |my friend|

Love it or Hate it…O dear, just Tell it!
I made my point clear for no more latter confusions.
There is no point in holding back, on your very true and strong feeling that what reflects you the best.
Sharing actually empowers us and we get to know each other better.
Don’t just dwell in pain, don’t blame but Claim your joy through sharing your sentiments. Your sentiments surely seek concern, speak your soul.
Do not withhold the agony but express the ecstasy in you. Expressions can only make things much easier.

Telling with words is not the only way…sometimes just a tiny glance, an eye contact or a humble touch can just solve your mind puzzle. Of coarse who cannot forget the big teddy bear hug or Jaddu ki jhapi, playing wonders.

Sharing thoughts motivates to be together and bring things in sync. Why feel unrequited, rather declare yourself and make an initiation. Be braver and Believe in yourself. You have no ideas how much you embrace others with your presence and miraculous words!
I don’t want someone to be afraid to speak out. I want you to speak and not feel sorry. Cross the bridges of hesitation and talks...to convey in conviction!

Speak for your shame and
Speak for your fame,

Speak about,
From where you have intend and
For truly you have been destined.

Speak polite speak delight
For the anger that dines and fear floating in your mind.

Speak to claim, Speak to tame
For your sentiments deposit deep in the sand.

Speak for the forever footprints you have in your heart
For the alluring Charm captivating in the past.

Speak for your bend,
Speak to mend,

Speak to hear,
Speak to be listened...

Don’t let your words be imprisoned.
Have a word…share the world..

Dare to say something that sweeps everything.

Rare the eternal bliss butterfly
To make the most of your life.

Don’t shun but speak to Preach,
Speak shall only recreate the Reach.

Speak for your gratitude,
Speak for your generosity,
To the most sublime gracious innocent purity,
Retreat and again speak to rejoice the response’s clarity!

What you shouldn’t speak and what you should have,
Wriggle out the technical terms,
Conquer the struggle and Speak Free.

Speak for the confusion,
Speak with fusion,

Scream and sometime do patter-patter.
Speak for the sake of calm
Speak against conceal, it won’t harm!

Speak and state
The enclose to disclose
Speak to show the best in you is still to enfold

Speak and Smile
Say naa…Something for Sharing awhile…!!

My self-love for the Creativity is triumphant, and I cast a proud glance at the madness in me!
After reading the above…I’m sure you will agree that I do and definitely possess with pleasure that dash of madness in me!

Wooshh..goosh..shhhh…the madness flows in me!!
Don’t worry I have not still left the surface in insanity!

Roman philosopher Seneca, quotes that,
There is no great genius without some touch of madness.
~Hey, I did not declare myself a genius …Did I??

Perhaps, I do not forget to believe that,
The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limit.

And I come in the second category, never-ending, unconventional yet bountiful with wide infinite thoughts and beyond doubts not bound to any restraint to creative limit.

Probably because, I do not resist responding, perhaps I remain myself and Speak!
  • The beautiful painting above is an  Abstract Painting made by Nikita , my chweett childhood buddy!
  • To know who is Nikita,Click on name!
  • Feel free to Share your Story and thoughts on the Post and Painting as well.. Speak!
  • Thank you so much for going through this post and accepting me with a dash of madness ;)


  1. omg.. liked this post very much.. even though it was lengthy.. the post had everythin to keep me reading..
    i liked almost all the 2 liners.. are they all urs??
    this was my favorite..
    "speak for the confusion
    speak with fusion"
    the painting was good too..

  2. your word flow and the way you express are your greatest ASSETS !!!! i loved the poem even i have started writing poems which i have posted it in my blog !! the painting stands HIGH !!! great work !

  3. @ Vishnu

    Hey, Thank you for your beautiful comment.

    Yeah! The post was long as ever but it makes me happy to know that you enjoyed going through till the last dot.

    Arree…those two liners and in fact the whole post was quite a spontaneous sweat of insanity stream in me! I feel so happy that you found it so interesting!

    And as far as an inspirational painting is concerned, it is made by my very dear friend Nikita! I shall convey her wishes for sure:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  4. @ Priyan

    Yeah! The flow was tremendous and limitless, hence this post became so lengthy, and however, I’m glad that you liked it reading.

    And, those lines…your defined them as Poem…well this is a huge compliment for me!
    Thank a lot Priyan!!

    I agree, the Painting stood tall and the exception pattern made it sync with my post!
    Thank to my chweet modest friend Niki!!


  5. Hey rachana....amazing use of words....great composition....u should start writing ur own books....And thank u so much for appreciating my work, u have brought life into the painting through this platform...Thnx once again.....Nikita Kochhar

  6. The poem was good I like the way you intended to wards right and then left. Lovely meaning. I just get confused by the quotes in between and colors sometimes :)

    The painting is good, I cannot fathom what it is, but it makes a good watch to say, My wishes to your friend Nikita

  7. Goodness, u r too talented to express and draft the flow of your mind...creativity at its best is what I name this post!!!!!
    AMAZING as usual!!! Love your posts

  8. @ Nikita
    Hi babes!
    Absolutely, I pleasure to respect your skills!

    However, I do admit that I could not give any justice to your stunning painting in my post as my post was a composite of madness.

    But then I felt the pattern in your painting some where have zing and sync with the strong emotions I tried to portray in my blog!!

    Thank you for being my friends and giving a boost of compliments and
    I’m totally overwhelmed with your work so keep that spirit and contribute to influence me!
    Luv Yeah!!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  9. @ Srivats
    Supreme, thanks to your Srivats for your very honest words and noticing the unnoticed. Yeah…I did that deliberately...as it went in flow with my thoughts in mind.
    Not intended to confuse you in anyway in the post…but you know it about the madness and a bit of confuse to you and the reader is what I call “everything NORMAL chhe..!!”

    Thank you so much for reading the post and accepting me with the dash of madness ;)

    Perhaps, I’m so glad that an artist like you has complimented the painting! I shall for sure convey her your best wishes:)

  10. @ Shrutzz
    Thankyou so much for reading the post, Shrutzz and considering my post interesting!! Yeah you are correct, creativity is at the overflowing phase but definitely without your comments it is simply impossible to sustain!

    Keep the spark Alive..
    P.S. New name, STRUTZZ is Kool and Rocking! Luv yeah!

  11. Hi Rachana....

    You wrote
    "Speak for your shame and
    Speak for your fame,"

    Could you please explain this?

  12. @ Mahesh

    I’m glad to see your question…

    ~Considering, that it was a madness phase and an anxious feeling to speak up the mind thought…

    Speak for your shame

    ~ Shame is the disgrace, utter humiliation or a silly embarrassment!

    If anything like that, you have faced or come across in your life phase…speak up!
    There is nothing to hide and keep dwelling in fear or a feeling to be ashamed of. Shame can happen to you and me but One definitely needs to raise the voice and not be a silent spectator of fun..!

    Speak for your fame

    ~ Fame on the contrary is like honour, self-esteem, pride, pleasure, delightful moment!

    If there is something in you that has been considered or you believe or regard as to feel gratified, than also speak about it.
    There is No harm in speaking about it…your fame shall only inspire and aspire others…So flaunt it!

    Perhaps speak and share about each and every aspect of your life…including your foolish thoughts and wild dreams!

    Hope you found something appropriate in rhythm of madness...!

    P.S. More questions if any are welcomed:) :)

  13. I liked the way you carried your thoughts synchronising it with smooth word flow! And i like the format of your post. Very innovative :). keep up the good work Rachana :)

  14. Beautiful poetry :)

    You simply created magic in words that flowed like a stream from one end to the other (both in the flow of words as well as your word alignment in the post).

    I liked the abstract painting but couldn't solve the puzzle as to what it actually portrayed. Though I loved it's color scheme :)

    Keep up the wonderful work.



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