16 November, 2009

an urge to fiction

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

It’s an attempt to focus light on the various dimensions of sheer neglects and mind set of people, leading to the pitiable predicament prevailing in the society.

unnatural born Mother

"She looked gloomy and dismayed.
With three kids she stepped in the crowd.

She had baby girl a year old in her arms, 
Second was a four years old young boy and
Other was around five years old girl.

Remarkably, her own age was seven years old.

She begged with her siblings in the train. "

Girl childhood

...40% of Indian population is consist of 
children(below 18years old), 
out of this 25%are engaged as child labourer,
nearly 60%
of thechild workers areGirl Child..
You will find many such under age girls and children on the road, in the crowded trains and swarming market places begging for her family. This is just an extension to their struggle and dreadful life.
A humble age when she cannot take care of herself, she is asked to take care of her siblings too. Where she is supposed to hold a pen in her hand and go to school to study, she is asked to hold her sibling in arms and go to train and beg.

Is this a justice to her and her childhood?
Is it fair to consider a girl child as a lesser child?


  1. hey girl! you got it in you...seriously...just go for it on a bigger platform..n u'll bring the desired change...we all r wt u...thats the spirit required...i hv no words to say what yr pen does to me n i think to all yr readers...very deep thinking indeed..keep it up...looking fwd to more such work...

  2. Thats such a shame for kids to beg even in this internet driven century. Hope it changes soon.

  3. Yessss.....this is want i wanted from your stream of thoughts.
    You did project well with apt narration.
    Besides, how about the actions?. Think once in that aspect too. You may write something more.
    Keep bringing up the neglected corners of the society
    I appreciate your shift of the tracks.
    Keep rocking buddy :)
    Expecting more such responsible poste from you.


  4. @ Madhulika

    O dear! Chweety, you are always motivating and cheering! This is indeed an enormous support and affection that leads me to the best! It is only an attempt and glad that we hold hands together to eradicate such terrible customs, prevailing in the society.

    Keep in touch!

  5. @ Srivats

    It is indeed very unfortunate to see such happening even in this era! But this is a shameful truth and we all together need to work over it. Think on some ideas share with us that makes a difference. Thank you for dropping by :)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  6. @ Mahesh

    I’m so happy to know that you liked this attempt. You words are truly motivating and work as wonder. Thank you for sharing your honest views and suggestion. I shall try updating my side views and urge on such topics more often.

    P.S. Just a reminder, this is my 99post and 100th shall be a blast! Coming soon...

    ..Do keep the spark Alive..

  7. the change is not far away !!
    and surely one drop and make millions think !!


  8. Touchy one. What makes people to live in poverty line? Its not that they are born to do that. They are made to be that way by our own people.

  9. where do we even begin ?! the basis of all is education and i am doing the best i can to support some of the kid's education.

  10. @ Priyan

    Welcome to my Blog, Priyan!

    Yes! This is a single step and lot more need to be taken to reach the route cause! We shall do it togethere.

    Thankyou for dropping by,

  11. @ Priya
    Very true Priya, No one else but we should be blamed for such situations. And astonishingly, not much we do to make a diference even after knowing the issue.

    I'm here to make an attempt to spread awareness and try finding some good ideas that shall help!

    Keep your head churning and find solutions..

  12. @ Srivats

    Very True Srivats!
    Education and awareness among the parents is one solution that sets apart. Start with self, followed with the family and extented one...other shall drive for sure!

    Glad you pondered on and found some break through!

  13. This is amazing! I'd love to try this myself.

  14. so well written.so thotful . so heartfelt!

  15. hi rachana
    well there is lot to say on it..so much that a full fledged essay sort of post can be written bt ill conclude saying- yes a very gud attempt, kudos!
    m touched!!

  16. wow Rachna :)

    its really good, what i loved most is that u have also provided figures along with ur 55 fiction. keep writing :)

  17. @ AS
    Welcome to Humming Today,AS!

    I'm delighted to know that you liked my presentation in this post!

    Please do visit again and enrich the my blog with you comments!



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