05 November, 2009

Perception Reflection - Part Two

I’m heartily overwhelmed to see a great participation in enriching the discussions with your visionary thoughts and ideas in my previous post.
People who have come up first time reading this post are requested to go through the comments and Part One post, 'Perception Reflection -Part One' before reading ahead.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to share here their unique point of view. I enjoyed each and every response of yours.

So with the same enthusiasm, let us get back to the beginning, 'the question' and review it ones more...

  • How do you see this glass?
  • What do you perceive this as 'Half-Filled glass or 'Half-Empty glass?
"Half-full or Half empty glass is an idiom which is used to explain how people perceive on events and objects. Perception is unique to every individual and is simply one's interpretation of reality". Ref. Wikipedia.

Now to the question that my friend asked me, “What do you see?”
I said, “half-empty glass.”

Although, I knew the right answer prior, I felt that I need to give an honest answer. And not the one that I had learned from the theories.

So my honest answer was, “I see half-empty glass!!”

Despite that reply, deep inside me I knew "I wasn’t a pessimistic person," at heart as this concept of half-empty glass defines.

  • My perception was:

It’s just that I cannot avoid looking both the positive and negative aspects of the situation. If, I focus over the positive issue, then what’s the big deal. As when it’s positive it will help any way. Where as, if I look into the negative aspect first, I can prepare myself to any harm that the negative thing might create. I only want to be more cautions and careful to the things, to avoid any last minute crisis.

However, my view did get enhanced to learn things by going in flow Spontaneously with time.

The amazing thing was, my dear friend, my roomie did not argue with me over my split wide opposite prospective. However, I did think for a minute that she will definitely yell on me and prove me wrong.

  • And my friend’s prospective was:

It’s not about the half filled or half empty glass. It’s not also about the glass or the water or something else inside. It’s about the Prospective. I see the half full it makes me value the half empty. Without it I would not even notice my rest half full. I see it as a well-balanced perspective. A wholesome in life, like the symbol of  the Yin&Yang, dark&light, hot&cold, low&high, sad&happy and so on. It is; complementary opposites within a greater whole. Without one you will not notice it the other left one. My glass is half full and half empty and I love it completely!

Her clear approach in thoughts took me to a surprise. In a micro second it was eureka! Suddenly, I realized we were very different person in nature, strangely like half full and half empty glass view meant together for wholesome friendship.

  • Now consider this:

"I’m grateful that I have this opportunity to at least hold the glass in my own hand – let the glass be my life. Now what I like to add in or forget something to add is completely my decision. It has my absolute control over the things in my life. In the same way, at what level or no level I fill the water in the glass is my choice to make.

I have this power to fill, refill or over-fill the glass with water or anything. Believing, that I’m still fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have my glass in my hand.  Like my loving life is still there to live at the fullest."

  • Conclusion or Beginning:

It’s amazing to see how one picture reflected to some very unique and different prospective. I’m sure each one of us who said must have ones gone through their own personal priorities, choices, beliefs, experiences and wisdom.

Choosing who is wrong and who is right is completely not significant. Vital point to remember here is that we have our alternatives intact. We need to make right choice according to our need.

And as I have said in my earlier post, I have learned to prove myself wrong and again undo the things and relearn the distinguishing attributes. I enjoy this change and learning practice, we need to refresh and review our point of view every time and start again to fight the problem.

As you see, one picture has depicted an infinite number of responses/choices. Similarly we have ample number of alternate ways to consider the best for us.

Playing this discussion I have also observed something very unique distinctive aspect that despite of being so intense in our thoughts for life philosophies, what keeps us flowing smoothly is that little gentle embrace of Creativity in our thoughts and ideas!

Let the exploration of creativity in us begin.

Heartily thank you to everyone who read this post so persistently. And I highly appreciate all the people who shared their prominent views.

I feel so good that after so much of churning, I’m able to enhance my thoughts. I hope you also feel in the similar way. 

~Keep the spark Alive..


  1. hey rachana
    well i commented part 1 of post at a bit lighter note.. :)
    bt later i read all comments and views which seemed so interesting and yes, in particular, i liked yr friends perspective coming so direct and clear..
    gud posts :)

  2. Now thats something to ponder on! To be honest I got lost in the precpective and at some place felt utterly dumb to have left the comment at your earlier post LOL

    Glad I stumbled on your blog, u got wisdom of 80 year old (no pun intended :P )

  3. I really like your approach of dealing with this topic...You rightly said that it is not half-filled or half-empty...it is our prospective ;how you see and get it...And everyone is unique so his thinking would be different...and so their perception and interpretation would be different...And for me seeing the glass without judging is like accepting things in integrity; in wholeness of positivity and negativity...
    loved your post..

  4. :) i've asked this question many times to myself and always the reply has come that "its both".. i cant ignore the emptiness neither the filled portion. first time here..nice post u've got here

  5. Rachana,I read the first part and the second part altogether. Don't mind that girlie!!
    I loved the way you took this post! Everything depends on attitude and perspective!
    Nice going girl! What happened to 55Fictions?!

    P.S: Couldn't see u on my blog for a long time! My blog is terribly missing u!

  6. hey dear,

    your write up has boosted up my morale...I now feel that the emptiness in my life is just a phase n surely it has a comfort cushion beneath it... :)....Your efforts are getting us good results see... Thanx so much for being my frd...lots of love n wishes...

  7. nice post...
    food for thought :)
    post more like this friend


  8. @ Vishal
    @ Srivats
    @ Amit
    @ Gils
    @ Shruti
    @ Madhulika
    @ Vicky

    I'm so glad that you found this post so interesting. Perhaps, it was not possible without your support, encouragement and comments. I owe a thanks to each one you, who comment and Part one and Part two post, taking it completely at a very different high level:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  9. I read both the parts of this fantastic post together.
    Loved the way you took the endless debate of the half full glass to a whole new level.
    Thanks Rachana for sharing it with me :)

    Keep up the good work.



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