01 July, 2010

Keep the Spark ALive..

Hola friends…
Since a new month _July have started..I got few yet many things to share with you all…and so I thought writing a post for humming today shall serve the purpose...while “These days a lot is humming my way”

Will starts from being Solitude!
~ Me and my few close buddies have together started an effort to enhance and enrich the creativity and support the ship (share) the idea concept (by Mitul) while maintaining the special solitude of an individual. This aspect will support and approach with a mutual creative endeavor.

+ One such example is the blog, “Butter Punch @ Happy Hours”!
A food blog which started (by ME, Nandita and Jaky) just few weeks back. This got definitely a great positive response from everyone, the darling readers like you and from my other close friends. I got in touch with some of my hospitality industry friends who surprised me to show their willingness to contribute the best homemade recipes and there kitchen secretes.
  • Sure with your contribution to this blog makes it complete. It just so amazing amalgamation!
  • You still can mark your name into the contribution list…Simple..Just send in your recipe with a pic!
And vouch my words such awesome creative amalgamations are expected more in future…You will sure enjoy that :)

~ HUMMING BIRD _rachi creations..~

Next, I'm gem-stud!
I never thought one photo shared on facebook shall bring a complete 360 degree turn over in the bond. Yes! I’m pointing towards my childhood school GREMS gems-group which just rejoined the resonated and acceptance between the long lost friends of school which actually contributed in building some more everlasting acquaintance link. This whole thing provoked me to revisit my childhood school memories creating a completely new post on GREMS which was so much awaited. This whole thing makes me so happy instantly. Indeed what a beautiful way of life giving you a sincere uplift!

And then mauja-mauja
aka the photographer Omit/Amit got a Life-Companion! Yep! He got married with an interesting Love-Story interwoven. Though, I could not attend his marriage but sure my loving best wishes are there with the couple.

+ Add your best wishes too:)
For some who are still not aware of Amit_the creative Soul, then you much go through some of my old posts..where I have frequently used his captured pictures as an inspiration for the BEST-post I created.
The examples of the post-link are as follow:

"a little appreciation_a tiny admiration _a mini adoration..brings the best in anyone leading to further acceptance!___I'm no exception!!"__ CHEERS TO U :))

+ Perhaps..."Admiration begins where acquaintance ceases~ Samuel Johnson”
A right kind of push-over and little praise for little things helps anyone…! For sometime I have been so lucky to get the best chance to write the mini fictions which so much ease and sense into it.
+ Jovial thanks to Mahesh!
Someone actually criticized him to be colossal critic but for me his criticism was so constructive and only promoting to enhance the thought process while we evolved! He, thyself is the king of mini-fictions and got the best rhyme of timing, thought and passion into his works. Take a look into his blog’s master-piece 55fiction and 77fictions creations!
And while you are busy reading this post (a drafted one and few more in future) with updates...I shall be enjoying my most wanted monsoon-vacation. A break which I have been looking for so long and sure would not only like to cash on it but also spend lots of hubby’s cash :P With the humming mind and ideas…I have now something to calm done, recollect my spirit, get entirely rejuvenated perhaps…let my hair down and relax.
~ Kyonki ek break toh banta hain naa (coz’ one break sure I deserve..dear!)

And another quite significant for me definitely is an achievement to have created consistently 12+12 posts respectively in the month May and June,2010. hmmm..quite a number for me!

Okay so when we are talking about the number I like you give a quick glance over this post…for ones again countdown have began…Kindly check..

+ Thank you for all your consistent love and affection!
+ Heartily thanks for beings so persistent in reading the posts!!

Luv you all!!
~ Rachana
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
~ Everyone deserves to be Sparkle
and sure deserves some Sparkles in hand too!

Note: Kuch Khas Hai zindgi mein...so kuch meetha ho jaye..
Now that you know that this post is drafted..does'nt mean that you will not leave your SWEET comment :)


  1. That was so sweet of you.

    Thank You.

  2. Enjoy your vacation. Look forward to more wonderful blogs in the future.



  3. Your posts - like you - are so bubbly and full of life....Thanks for brightening my evening...Have started following Butter Punch and will try out some of the yummy stuff there :)

  4. hey buddy,.......

    Am speechless now....

    All i can say i i did take few pages from you to learn how to give back and celebrate as well....

    if at all my works do deserve to be mentioned here, you hog much of the share in constant encouragement and buddy pat... I wrote many good posts just on your confidence in me (remember 'Whack' contest?)

    Truly, I am glad, elated and composed that i have a great cheerleader .... and i feel gifted to have such a wonderful reader, supporter and motivator ....

    You are one of the few persons who took my feedback as genuine words..... thanks a lot for that buddy :)

    Thanks for being Rachana ...

    Yes, i dont want to write much here, i will respond soon through actions....

    till then, keep spreading your humming sparks all over the monsoon trip

    elated cheers,
    Mahesh Kalaal :)


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