22 October, 2012

Finally Found You - Part 2

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This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
AAs the party grooved, in the dim light I spotted these two beautiful eyes.
While I was still indulged into long-fellow talks, my heart beat raised suddenly, thinking about those two eyes following me. Just a slight glance of someone could be so powerful that it could give such a shiver in my body. The girl kept looking at me as I glanced occasionally at her while I was chatting with my friends. These eyes belonged to a very cute girl. She was someone, the only one I ever felt so much during college. As I saw her again today, I was just in awe and wondered how after so many years she still looks so sweet and captivating. I repeated looking at her, while still conversing with my friends. I noticed her looking at me and a slight curve on lips played itself onto the aura.

Just as I saw those deep dimples, I had to go ahead. While I was still thinking how to make a move, she suddenly vanished from my eyes.

What an irony, I lost her in the crowd of old chaps!
Then I wondered will she be remembering me, isn't it too late to have same feeling like old times?

To add more fact to the whole story, I and she was never a couple in our college, yet the most popular one to be talked about. I as such never liked any kind of such attention but can’t help about the people. I was only trying to be friendly with her, though cannot ignore the fact that I definitely had a soft corner for her as always.
It’s like when the love is actually the prayer
and care is nothing much but the blessing of presence.
I wanted to be with her always for I always enjoyed her company. Even then there was something between us which kept intact despite of people’s odd talk about us around. I had accepted the things around us. The bond for me was under no pressure to get upset or disturbed about any talk. But I knew she used to get concerned hearing talks and was not ready to face any further consequences. The stories went on and on until at last they needed nothing to start to believe, fortunately for me they turned into truth too in due course of time. I still remember the last time I saw her was in a farewell party. Never thought life would change so much, undecided of so many circumstances. I turned around and out of the corner of my eyes; I felt a pair of beautiful eyes on me yet again.

Soon while having almost the last sip of my drink, I noticed her in the corner of the room with the bunch of buddies. It was an awkward moment for us. All these years, I might have not been in touch with anyone, might have forgotten everything about college life, but there is one and only thing which I could never forget are those innocent brown eyes and dimpled smile. Something which I have always ignored to talk about freely, when by chance asked about I blush, smile and skip the question in a nice way. Yet I know in my heart I so want to talk about it, alas want to share my story with nobody but only with her.

Even today, when I saw her,
I had this same understanding of the depth in the feeling.
Now before the party could be over, I was supposed to go and meet her. But how I wondered, how could I just like that go and talk to her and will everything be right, I speculated. Moreover, somehow I was so sure that all my close friends knew that I was paying my attention was only every move of her. As I saw her again, I perceived her eyes sparkled. It was this spark between us which had such a lovely positive feeling to have and then nothing much bothered. I was not in a position to create issues. Yet I was in my full mood to recreate the feelings.

By now, I knew she was grasping my glimpse too I was trying to win her heart and my focus was only on her heart not on anything else happening around. For a while I just stopped thinking everything. Suddenly, I had this mission of the party in my mind to meet her ultimately.

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  1. brown eyes and dimpled smile - I like that combo a lot creator.. Hmmm.. I'll wait for you to complete so that I can leave my trademark big comment with the lines I liked.. and I eagerly looking forward to read your footprints on mine.. :)


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