29 October, 2012

Finally Found You - Part 9

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

II couldn’t say her much then.
Except holding her firm, consoling her,
“It’s ok, it will be all ok... Calm down!” I told her.

As I said this to her, she pressed her face into my chest, her hair covering her from the sides.
I gently took her hair back, tears were rolling and it seemed like there was no way she would stop crying then.

She tilted her head and refused to meet my eyes.
She was extremely disturbed by such incidence. I know the kind of girl she is. She would never do anything that embarrasses her or her family. For me she was someone who deserved the utmost respect and admiration always. I could feel her pain. More than tears, I saw her hurt where her dignity was on stack.

After a while when she realised she was in my arms, she tried loosening up and slowly tried stepping back getting conscious. My skin was already reacting busting into goose bumps. She was shivering a bit as well. We found everything so puzzled for a while.

Somehow mutually it was decided to stay like that longer into each other’s arms almost like forever.
I didn’t want to let her go. For a while we forgot everything. She still had those last few drops of tears slipping on her cheeks. I took my hand with traced fingers cleaned her tears. Soon a phone started ringing which was kept on the coffee table. I decided to ignore it.

“Your phone is ringing!” she said whispering softly, where I could feel her breath on my neck, sending me tingling feeling.
“Ignore it” I said making no attempt of going out of her hold, her touch, her warmth.
“What if it is something urgent?” she said loosening her grip on me.
“Nothing is important than you right now!” I said much stubbornly but it had warmth in it.
“What if the call is from your office?” She again said eyeing on me carefully.

This time I couldn’t ignore her.
I could ignore everything but not what she said. “Ok I will check!” I said a bit irritated.
I wondered what the hell the timing was of the call. As I checked the number, I seemed it was from the Sales of Insurance. They keep calling to share some economical plan yet spoiling the life plan, I wondered. As I hung up the call, he falls back on the couch sitting and staring at the phone. She steps further. I saw her eyes and realized she was about to say something.

Almost unable to take her eyes off me, “May be I should go now!” she said something very unwillingly.

I stood up and observed her body became tensed. A lump in my throat raised yet surrounded by the silence and my tear threaten me to fall, when without thinking much I whispered to her, “Don’t leave me!”

I was looking at her with my intense eyes that she could not do anything but only to shake her head into agreement. I tried my luck again. I moved and took a step forward towards her; she took one step back nervously. Crossing the distance, filling up the cracks of connectivity and gaps in between, I came closer to her. And before she could give a second thought to anything, I took my hands and cupped her face with warmth.

She could not blink, still with her eyes kept looking at me speechless.
I leaned forward thinking to kiss her, she said, “Why you left me?”

I knew I had no answer to it.
I knew it wasn’t one side problem.
I knew I was equally involved in whatever happened in past.
Yet when she said with those tiny dews in her eyes, my heart melted.

How I could not ever understand that she was not as prompt in expressing her true presence? How deep into my heart I knew what exactly she wanted in life but I ignored it for some silly presumptions! She was right there in my arms staring at me with no questions.

Was truly the answer 'yes' in her eyes... I searched!

...Continue to READ Part-10 The Last Part Thank you friends for your patience and time!


  1. i think there is some paras repeated in this post... and in part 8 too... just check.. not sure :/

    1. Thankyou Tharangani for pointing out repeated lines.
      The lines were not repeated into Part 8 but this whole part 9 was reprinted in the same page, which puzzled you while reading.
      Thankyou for looking/ liking the post!!!
      Love always!


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