27 October, 2012

Finally Found You - Part 7

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

NNext all I remember is getting up early morning discovering myself in the position and side I slept into. I stare at ceilings and wonder, through the slow blinks with confused silence.

I couldn't sleep properly yesterday. I went to the bathroom, gave nice cold water splash on my face, looked into eyes in the hazy mirror and stayed still for a while. I was feeling numb, tired and exhausting. I stood under the warm shower sensing a burden on my stiff shoulder soothing away with bubble and rubble which was pouring down my spine. As the water droplets evaporated from my fragile skin, all I could sense the blood rushing into my veins only to relax me further. Later, I went up to the kitchen made nice green tea for me.

As I was sipping my tea, I suddenly recalled she was in the next room. I remembered how yesterday I was not all alone, lonely or afraid to come back home. I was accompanied by her all along the zigzag way, walking up the creaking stairs and kicking down the door, shaking up the walls and filling up with so much of tenderness.

I was caught up in the middle of all this eccentric madness and where I was in a perfect joy to accept that she was next door sleeping in my home and of course the whole feeling was tremendous with the fading feeling of fear attached with heartbreak.

Walking down into the room, I made sure that I don’t make much noise. I peeked inside and caught my breath to see she was no wonder still into her deep sleep all curled and tangled up in the blanket. I went back into the kitchen and made one coffee for her. Slowly took the cup of coffee with some chocolate cookies, I calmly called her name to get up. She groaned with remorse as she laid her face against the pillow. She was not willing to get up. I had no idea what I should have done next. With a little pause, I again called her name. Rubbing her little eyes to open up, she looked at me from the side. I could sense in a way she was bit surprised to see me. She looked around to recognise where she was and yes within few minutes she was back to her normal. She looked hesitant, reluctant and puzzled to start any conversation.

“Good Morning sleeping beauty! Did you have good sleep?” I asked her.

“Umm..Good Morning!” she replied in a husky voice.

I handed her the cup of coffee, ‘You will like the coffee, its strong, bitter and less sweet, like your type.”

As I said that, she looked at me in a surprise. Soon I added, “And moreover it will have you to sooth your headache too”.

She got up and sat comforting her back to the pillow with slight shots of dizziness hitting her badly. She looked uncomfortable for a while but continued to sip the coffee I made for her. Until she finished her coffee she did not say anything. She asked me way for the bathroom.

I guided her, “Straight, first left”.

She got up and ones more a dizziness hits her, unsettled holds the door for support and I went rushing to help her. I took her to the bathroom. She washed her face, combed her hair, and came out well in form trying to look decent.
Mean while I made couple of toast and buttered it well, with a hot chocolate. Suddenly I turned around and saw she was already standing behind me. I thought she might rush going out. But no she actually surprised me again by settling down the chair.

I reflected that I was still so alone then, but it is so better to be all alone with her around. We looked into each other’s eyes and again there was a rush of blood in my veins, heartbeat racing like it wanted to say something but we together exhaled softly into a sigh. The way we made love last night across the corners of the room and later mingling into the garden was it only the drink that made us persistent, I wondered. Soon we exchanged the smile, quite weird one while I passed her the toast and hot chocolate glass.

“You should eat something” I said.

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