26 October, 2012

Finally Found you - Part 6

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This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

II reached the place, parked my car hurriedly on the road.
My mind was distressed thinking about her yet it wasn't difficult to find her out.
She was in the garden, closed eyes sitting on the swing, holding the rope.

I went up to her, we looked into each other’s eyes without a blink and soon she came with me without even sharing a word. She was feeling sick, was in quite an unconscious state, she hold my hand tightly only to get a support. I moved my hand around her shoulders and carrying her to the car. As I opened the door of the car, she settled inside leaning back with her head on the window.

To me she still looked so cute.
She could not focus much, her head was spinning, as soon as she lay her head behind she closed her eyes again and went into kind of deep sleep. I closed the door, moved around and sat in the car. After I had put my safety-belt, I thought of putting her safety-belt too. While I went closer to her to put seat belt, there were again little goose-bumps on my skin. All the way she was murmuring something, I could not understand anything but felt like she was calling my name and trying to tell me something important. For while I kept wondering, all this time I thought about her but never thought we would be meeting like this and she being in such a state. For some reason I felt bit guilty for her conditions. I felt like I should have been there with her throughout the party.

I drove the car slow trying not to disturb her.
On the way at time I used to look at her from my slight left glance. She looked so serene. Soon she rustled woke up, tried to open the window. The air blew on her face bringing half of her hair on her face. She was resting her hand on the window with the closed eyes. I had no idea what was going into her head or what she will do next. I was quite apprehensive of the whole situation. No wonder she has been always that stubborn and moody.

As I reached home below the apartment, I parked my car. Helped her again to getting out of the car and took her to my apartment. When I was opening my apartment door, she struggled to keep the balance and was almost falling on to me. I wondered if she was in her conscious state she would have definitely shouted in her stubborn yet sweet tone at me all the way, yet here she was numb, silent, calm, and controlled... nothing like she actually is in real.

I literary scooped her into my arms and took her to the room and made her lie on the bed. I added two pillows below her head so that she feels more comfortable and covered her with a light blanket to keep her warm. Just as she found warmth inside, she further curled up into the blanket. This was one of the most delighting moments of my life, when I was with her so close observing her every move and gesture that too without her notice.

I closed the lights and slowly came out of the room. I was too tired for it was mid night and my head was spinning speculating the whole situation.

I went back to my room and tried sleeping.
For a while nearly half asleep, I was just lazily lying down the bed, looking out the window pane covered with slight mist. I was worried about her; I got up to go and check on her but then ignored it for I knew she was not in a state to move even a inch in next ten hours.

I forcefully tried sleeping again. As I closed my eyes, all I was getting the glimpse of the whole day and everything related to her. Life is so unexpected, but maybe it was all for good, I speculated.

With all the scattered piece of fragments of feelings, frost out and yet fallen in love with the warmth. I really cannot recollect when actually I slept dwelling about the past.

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