24 October, 2012

Finally Found You - Part 4

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This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

S‘So what were you doing by yourself at the bar’ I asked her, a bit concern.
‘My friends disappeared so I decided to sit alone and enjoy the music; I’m not that good at socialising.’
That made me chuckle a bit. ‘I know!’ I confidently said with a curve on my lips.

She slightly felt shy hearing me.
‘So tell me how been your life?’ she asked again only to fill the silence. For the moment I didn't realised she was talking to me, I was only noticing how her sweet pink lips moved.

As we talked further, I grabbed her hands in mine.

She still felt the same, warm, sweet, soft, like always mine.
Yet I also noticed how she was actually shivering looking at me holding her little hands. For those lovely moments I forgot if ever anything bad happened in our past. Sure it was past, long time and situation changes, but she feels still same to me, I realised.
Playing with her tender hands, we talked. Somehow even she did not hesitate, which gave me comfort to be with her. Time was passing slowly, it was getting cold, the silence was grooving, and we were getting together.
As she whispered my name, I could not hold myself back and then I caressed her cheeks, removing the hair strands from her side of her face. Then my arms wrapped around her waist and her arms around my shoulder, bringing me closer to her. We embraced tightly.
As I lifted her face again to see her glow, I saw her sad eyes.
She looked at me keenly, like her eyes said to me, ‘Never leave me, and be with me always!’

Suddenly she broke down in tears.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked her consoling her.

I asked her, I gave her huge hug again. She answered calling my name through her sobs. I pulled her swiftly into another hug. I lifted my hands and again cupped her face in it as I leaned forward; it was as if everything was happening in a slow motion yet too fast for her to stop it.
Her face was so close to mine that, I could taste her warm breath.

Just as her lips touched mine, I declared silently, ‘You are mine!’

And before she would realise much of my feeling for her, she withdrew herself from my embrace, looked into my eyes with a shock and ran away back into the party hall. I was left there all alone, upset, confused and hopelessly lifeless. I was so clueless about this whole circumstance. I stared at the door of the party hall for her. After standing there for few minutes, trying to figure out everything, I decided to leave the party. As I reached the parking lot, I felt disappointed to have come to this party. I gave the kick and a good noisy punch bang on my dear car and left for home.
How I could have done this, felt apologetic!

How madly I wished if my kiss was without the question mark?

The lingering attachment we still shared would have been exclamation marks then. The passion provided the clarity to my thoughts then and I understood what matters to me the most. But the kiss just happened in a jiffy which cannot be denied. I knew nothing, what was going through her mind. She never spoke her heart to me ever, neither today nor yesterday. I drifted away helplessly through the foggy doomed night. It seemed that I would never rise again with zest of zeal through the salty sea of sentiments I stumble into.

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