30 October, 2012

Finally Found You - Part 10

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

II could make a sense that she had those some mixed emotions.
She had no idea, whether she should cry, or shout in madness, be angry or feel glad that finally we met. She could not figure out was she acting smart or utterly stupid, was it all good or only bad. I believe same was my situation, but I was thinking everything keeping her in my mind. I had promised myself that this time I will not do anything that hurts her in any way. Everything will be just like as she wants, as she wishes to be, as she likes it to be. And only reason was that I wanted her in her happiest expression always. She meant so much to me which suddenly I could compose thoughts with her gestures and grace.

Soon she slowly moved her free hands around my neck and it did feel like missing all these years something I definitely owe. I pulled her much closer to me, very gently not to scare her by any means. I was aware of her delicate cold body and trembling lips.

I slowly leaned giving her every chance to pull away but she didn’t.

As I place my lips on her, she almost melted down in my arms. She was all my now. She looked at me between her eye-lashes and soon I kissed her ones more.

This time it was much more passionate kiss and I certainly knew that I will not freak out now on her anymore, neither for yesterday night nor for anything that happened some long years ago. Then it happened and her lips touched mine. I was so lost.

Just then she softly whispered, “I can’t...”

Before she could complete her sentence, I felt tense. I thought I lost her again. She could make a change in my facial expressions almost clueless about everything.

Just as she continued saying, “I can’t go, I won’t, and I will always be here for you like always like forever for infinity!”

I looked into her deep eyes and couldn’t stop myself saying my heart out,
“My skin, My hair will grow old but my heart holds everything forever trust me, my moods..My attitude..My thoughts will change, But I am here and will be here always life moves and goes on, but I am here, always here, things will be hard, Challenging, but still I live to fight every day I am super human!
I haven’t learn how to give up on you, I never give up
..I am human and I don’t think back I look ahead always, I am here”

She smiled looking at me acknowledge my words.
I felt nice after everything happened between us.

The time stopped, the world stood still, it was only me and her alone, no one else around.

There was no more nervousness, no stress at all. Sometimes silence is the best, especially in love. The more you use words, speak to express, the more confusing it gets. Something I understood, no explanation would justify the time we lost, living far away missing some truly memorable moments. Yet it was worth to acknowledge the experience instead.

I was no more regretting to kiss a little nineteen years old girl.
She was now even more beautiful than what I remembered.

But yes she was the same little girl who had learnt a lesson from her first heart break in the long run. I was going to kiss her again; I lowered my head and kissed her on her forehead.

I soon figured out that the unsaid words shall haunt me more than ones I said. So, I wanted to pour in today. Pulling back out the lost breaths, revealing the essence the scent of my little princess, I dropped my knees, holding her tiny soft hands into mine.

She was a bit awestruck but I was determined of my decisions of making her mine without any further doubts.

“You have craved my heart for so long. I would be lying if I said not at times I did not long for you.
So many years without realising the mistakes made. I had gone crazy, chasing after you and I thought I would never find you again. Now that I understand everything, I don’t want to waste even a minute without you. I want to see your bright eyes when you wake up to the new morning. I wish to feel the slow and steady rhythm of your breathing, rocking me into calm sleep. For all the nights when I wanted to be with you, by your side, for all those moments when I wanted to hold your hands, for all those tough days I wanted your hug badly, my little baby!! Will you put me out my own misery; accept me as a part of your life, where we can create our own colourful world and do the honours of being my wife. Just be with me for the rest of our life to share love and growing stronger in love, in each other’s arms...”

I held my breath, waiting for her answer looking into her eyes in search of ‘Yes’ to get converted in words. She stood there still, not a word spoken, I was scared of something unexpected.

She bent down still not a word spoken in reply but wrapped me around her arms placing her lips on mine!

“Is that Yes?!” I asked being still unsure and puzzled.

“Yes Yes Yesss!!!” She screamed with joy, a soft giggle turning into laughter could only soothe my weary soul and wipe all the tears. She was happy, holding me tight and hugged me just like she always owes me.

I am what I have become, no special ingredient trust me, in just most honest and simple way I can say what I have all said is that I am all your! I exclaimed in pleasure. Light have its silver way to come when it has to through the dark clouds, fixing everything and fall upon.
For me fall has finally fallen to enlighten my life just as I finally found her!


  1. What a way to find her back finally.. Wow Wow Wow.. I loved the way you used the pics from the same movie.. and Diana Pinty is really sweet too.. she fitted into your character well.. Loved it so much.. Keep writing.. Do keep writing.. Okay..

    Take care,
    Someone is Special

  2. Wohhoooooo!! read all 10 parts and each part taking the passion of love to the next level yet there was serenity all around..!!
    I literally was taken to the world of imaginations and got all those goose bumps that this guy might have experienced..
    and then loved the "Forever and infinity" thing.. you know why :)


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